Hawt Bathroom.

1 Dec

What is the fascination with Facebook + self-portraits + bathrooms. This combination is not a good one, but a popular one nonetheless that has caught on quicker than fashion dies here jeggings and the cancer kills microwave cake (which is surprisingly delicious BTW).

If your “friends” wanted to see your bathroom, they would come over and ask to use it. I don’t need to see you shirtless next to a toilet flexing your muscles or sucking in your F.U.P.A. I can only imagine what happened 5 minutes before that photo-op… The possibilities are endless…and they most likely end with 1 or 2? Gross.

If the self-portrait HAS to happen, can’t someone at least try getting creative and start taking the narcissism to a more classy level? Like self-portraits of yourself loading the dishwasher or posing in front of the fireplace or toasting a strudel or changing a lightbulb. At least then I know you either are A) a neat and tidy self-obsessed person/photo-taker B) a self-obsessed person/photo-taker with excellent taste in instant breakfast C) a self-obsessed person/photo-taker who is actively trying to achieve premium lighting or D) a self-obsessed person/photo-taker who likes fire. (Please, please let it be D!!!) 😉

In any case ALL of those say way more than I’m a self-obsessed person/photo-taker who just took a crap and has zero to negative one million decorating skills.


PS Turn the freaking flash off and tidy up the sink!

…and then put some clothes on a get a hobby.


One Response to “Hawt Bathroom.”

  1. Carolina December 6, 2011 at 1:41 PM #

    Thanks God! I thought I was reaching the limits of my intolerance but then I find your blog ;). I’m excited. I’m gonna take a picture of myself crying with a mountain of tissues…
    Well, not really, I just want to add something to the topic: dirty mirrors. Quite apart the IQ of those people, what intrigues me most about them is WHY ON HELL DIDN’T THEY CLEAN THEIR MIRRORS?!!? or, for God’s sake, take the pic in somewhere else! Does people there also take “sexy” photos in front of stained mirrors?! Or maybe it happens only in my country. Let me know if it’s a Southamerican condition only.
    I’m an argentinian in love with your site ♥ So I excuse myself for the bad english! Kind regards.

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