Take your time and run.

6 Dec

Of all the things that I have not learned in the last 26 years 3 months 9 days 13 hours 45 minutes and approximately 20.5 seconds…. take that, math…is that time fixes everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Whether it’s a broken appendage, a broken heart, a broken friendship, a broken trust, a broken mind, a broken favorite Jimmy Choo sapphire blue crystal encrusted perfect sized made for Cinderella stiletto (pause for tears). The more time you have that passes, the more you feel healed… even against one’s will (aka pity party).

And how funny it is that time was created. I sort of don’t believe in time (just look at Brad Pitt in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Case closed. BAM!). But no one asked me.

I like to take things as events, not hours and minutes. It helps to keep that leaking glass full…er… by appreciating and being in the moment with the things that are happening… not when and how fast they are happening.

I think of time as space… which isn’t it? Space between something awful to help forget the pain or help remember the good, or the space to something.

However the thing about time and the good things, is that you may actually alter the reality of it. And that’s all time provides really, isn’t it? Time alters your memory to form not a necessarily real reality, but the reality we can deal with in real life.

But then time can be a bitch too… it takes us closer to the bad things that we don’t see coming, that we cannot comprehend.

But of all the things I am thankful for in this life, it is the realization that time does and can eventually heal all, if it can just be waited out (that is the key), and that there is always time to make it better and there is always time to be cherished.  

Until the time runs out.


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