“Your Iphone battery can die quicker than the hot girl in a horror movie.”

7 Dec

So Christmas is coming… in case you hadn’t been bitch slapped in the face with tinsel, ornaments, and jingle jingle bells yet. Which is impossible… unless you have a secret I don’t know about!!

However, many of you need to get on the cleaning up the Facebook profiles and underwear drawers for Santa’s pending visit. But in case you are leaning on the nice half of Santa’s list, or are naughty and need to buy something to make up for it, or are perplexed with one difficult recipient, I have found the holy grail of gifts!!

Thank you thank you… actually we should be thanking Pinterest… but more on that treasure chest of effective time waste management later.

Most people have an Iphone. We all know someone with one, and I think the most common thing I hear from Iphone users is “Damn it Autocorrect!!!” But the second most common thing I hear about Iphone’s is “Hey, you suck at Words with Friends and you have an Iphone right?…Wanna play??” But the third most common thing I hear about Iphone’s is “My phone is about to die!!”  This is most likely because people don’t want to talk to me… or because Iphone batteries suck.

I’ll pretend it’s the latter.

Soooo check out this little tidbit of fantastic…an Iphone key chain charger… specifically called the Juice Pack Reserve (from Mophie)… it’s under $50… way under $50… $35 to be exact… and I stole the blog title from the reviews… so if anything I’m providing you solid penmanship.

Why I didn’t think of it, is a travesty… but nonetheless, I have no shame in promoting the hell out of it.


Merry Christmas… and now there’s no excuse for your phone “dying”…… ya whatever. 😉


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