The end of the (Facebook) world as we know it… again.

20 Dec

I really am not digging all the changes that are being made to Facebook.

Apparently this “timeline” business is the newest change to rock my world and send me into an ice cream eating anxiety ridden tailspin of the unknown… and set to hit a computer near you by the end of this week!

I need a Jeffrey and a fuzzy wall STAT!

Here’s a tip Facebook perhaps when people sign up for your necessary service, have a little survey asking them how well they take change on, how well they adjust to change, when change comes how they react…because right now I’m in search of 12 steps and a support group. Some of you, I know, are leaning out the window of your 30th floor office window, while others are preparing by stocking up the pantry in the equivalent fashion of Y2k.

Dear Facebook, I need to be eased into things … I’m working on my flexibility, but I just don’t like it. And can’t we just say that one change per fiscal year is adequate for you to keep your 200 billion dollar empire “cool” and “fresh”… just for the sake of my sanity??

I finally figure out the last change and all of a sudden its the end of the world and my life has been turned into a “timeline.”

Merry Christmas from your fancy friends at Facebook.  *facepalm


One Response to “The end of the (Facebook) world as we know it… again.”

  1. EB December 20, 2011 at 4:10 PM #

    haha…funny & well said! Just last night I saw a fb page with the new format and THAT SHIT BE CRAzYY!! i don’t quite understand how it works, it makes me uncomfortable & now I have to go ALL the way to the beginning and delete/make sure there is nothing too questionable 🙂

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