Put Down the Powder.

24 Jan

When did this outward obsession with material things become so prominent?

Did I just now take my head out of my ass or is the world revolving towards ultra-ego at an ultra rapid pace?

It’s like a spiral into all things self obsessed and stuck-up. Recently while going out with some… we’ll call them  “friends” and taking time to notice  everything that was happening around me, I realized that this ultra chic bar did not provide any kind of chicness at all. Underneath all the pretty lights, suited up bouncers, well dressed guests, and roaring music, was insecurity, greed, self-fulfilling desires, and obsession.

When did it become ok for girls to spend 5 or more minutes self examining their pictures and when did it become normal to take at least three tries to get a perfectly posed photo, and when did carrying makeup and “touching up” become an hourly routine? With the pressure to look perfect, the pressure of Hollywood and its Photoshop magic, the pressure of relationships in a free sex world, and the pressure of the perfect profile facade, when does the outward appearance stop making the entire difference?

Now don’t get me wrong. I am ALL for looking put together, dressing nice, taking care of yourself, and …. I’m especially all for hygiene. I’m not saying let’s all be hippies. I’m just saying I think there needs to be less fake hair, less concern about our looks, less focus on landing money and fame and sex, and more focus on the person we are and finding love… not in a posh club, but perhaps in the real world where things aren’t always perfect and a little flaw can create character, not classlessness.



One Response to “Put Down the Powder.”

  1. the waiting January 24, 2012 at 11:38 AM #

    Also, I am beginning to think that all those people who are constantly texting and checking their iPhones while amidst friends aren’t necessarily communicating but just showing off that they HAVE an iPhone/other expensive phone. Not sure how that’s related, but you know…

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