Take that world.

6 Mar

I feel like I have found a place where I am discriminated against. Not because of the color of my skin, or the junk in my trunk, or my lack of political/religious/ and societal beliefs, OR because I put Ketchup on EVERYTHING…. but simply because I only know one language.

I go places and can’t speak Spanish… I try… sort of… and then I am defeated and speak English… and people look at me like I’m scum and they are going to test my lack of knowledge and level of idiocy because I have failed to expand my horizons and open my brain to new things.

I quit my job and moved to freaking Spain… alone… with no plan…and I’m 26 and have no illegitimate children or casual stints in rehab/AA. Cut me some slack people!

I only know I am being discriminated against because I will go with my Asian friend who also speaks English… and she is welcomed with open arms…it’s like they are ready to throw her a party… why?!??! ( I know why it’s because Chinese is IMPOSSIBLE, but she learned English… I WANT to throw her a party) She gets the red carpet treatment because they can tell English is obviously her second language and they respect that. I get it.

Ok, so now I have this information… what shall I do……………………………………….

The obvious answer is: How do I look more Asian??

Yeah, I think that is 110% impossible.

But I do look Russian.

Even Russians think I look Russian. They will come up to me speaking Russian. (The jury is still out on whether this is a good thing… I’ll let you know after I go to Russia.)

But I think it is a thing I can use to my advantage.

“Now seeking a Russian language coach to aid me in achieving a believable Russian accent to speak English in.”

Take that world. Two can play this game.


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