Seraphim Blues

26 Jun

Reading has been a lifelong pain in my ass since I’ve decided to be a student… until I die.

However, this summer has brought employment that forces me to take a full hour lunch, leading me to want to slit my wrists and to take up reading as a hobby again… what is that?!! Someone get a thermometer!

A couple of summers ago I interned in New Zealand for what turned out to be one of the coolest dudes ever… I don’t think the feelings were as mutual.

Turns out he’s a writer.

Turns out he is an awesome writer.

Turns out his book is my absolute favorite.

Turns out they’re turning it into a movie.

Aaaanndddd it’s not 1,000,052 pages long.


I may like this book because I’ve spent most of my life sure I’m going to die before 30 (which is getting eerily closer than I ever imagined it would)  and taken advantage of my fierce hypochondria by  travelling the world,  avoiding settling down into anything, and accruing overdeveloped opinions. You’re welcome.

Turns out the main character in the book is doing the exact same thing… but he’s actually really young and really dying. Bummer I know.

The movie is called “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying” and the book is called “Seraphim Blues” by Steven Gannaway.

I had been trying to track down a copy in the states for two years until I finally found it on

Gannaway’s opinion’s on living life, discovering death, understanding an unconventional faith, and making the most of what you are given, is the BEST I have EVER seen. (Yes, you heard correct… I AM being positive about something. You can close your mouth.) He keeps your attention (which with my ADD that takes over in the first 5 sentences is VERY impressive), he provokes thought about the meaning of our existence, what your dreams are, and how we can all figure out a way to either obtain cancer or fake cancer in order to take the money and run… to life.

Trailer for “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying:”


2 Responses to “Seraphim Blues”

  1. Paul Butler (@monkeypoos) June 26, 2012 at 10:29 PM #

    You will love the movie then, but the book is way better. You may just see Steve in it (not being that grumpy as he is serving alcohol) and a bit of me even.

  2. toni May 3, 2014 at 7:13 PM #

    I think the movie is crazy good, but I did enjoy the book very much when I read it afterwards. I rented the movie and in the extras was an interview with Steven Gannaway. He said the idea for the book came while he was working in a record store, and dreamed of escape.Hearing of a young cancer victim being funded for treatment, he thought maybe the kid would rather have taken the money and bought Lego. Then he thought what he would do with the money and the story started from there. He had to write the whole book in a weekend after submitting a sample chapter to a publisher, and then being asked for the rest of it. How cool is that?

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