My name is Lauren and I come from a small city in Midwest America. Do I belong? No. Do I need to get out? Yes. And ‘how?’ is a question I ask myself hourly. Having escaped before, but sucked back into the black hole of Missouri, without a definite answer, here I am starting my first blog, escaping my reality through the channel of my mind, imagination, and the painful realization of my possession of powerful opinions, independence, and harsh judgments.

Why you ask have I decided to share these characteristics with the world?… (or most likely myself and my mother. Hi Mom.) Because I am bored out of my mind.  I have recently entered the work world and wondering if this is it??!? I have lot’s of opinions… many that corporate America has no time for. Coming out of school (again… I recently obtained a master’s degree) in a difficult economy, I find my aspirations less than realistic, but still vividly obtainable in my dreams.

So here I am getting my kick in life writing about nothing… and hoping it will one day fulfill my own American dream. I hope you get a kick out of it too, other infinite black hole known as the world wide web. We each have a voice and the internet has given a channel for it. Thank you to whoever you are that invented it… which, after consulting Google, is arguable. 😉

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