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Ready, Set, Bedazzle.

30 Nov

I’m am REALLY loving the jewel trend that is happening (so is Dolce & Gabbana!!) and lucky for you it is going to continue next year. It’s perfect for the holidays, but also perfect if you like a little bling in your everyday life… which who can’t use a little A LOT of bling… everywhere?

It’s more classic than the over-saturated market of seqins, but still a great take on a simple concept and one that has been around for … a really long time.

What once was a hobby for young girls, is now couture.

Bedazzle that, fashionistas.



Jimmy Choo


Miu Miu


Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana




Dolce & Gabbana




Emmy’s 2011: Best Dressed

19 Sep

Not only does she has excellent taste in men, but she also does in style. She was my favorite dressed of Emmy night! Nice work Emily Blunt. She keeps getting better and better.

Also, a testament to the power of red this fall. It was by far the most popular color on the carpet and is THE hottest color for Fall, hands down!!

Silver Lining

16 Aug

I’m thinking that silver is going to make a crazy surge this fall. Like really mirrory, metallic silver. And I especially think this is what we are all going to be wearing on our nails in the upcoming months. Invest now. Either in nail polish, a bag, or shoes. Something that you can put with everything.

It’s THE neutral to get.

I may be wrong.

Fall 2011: Loafin’ Around

26 Jul

So each season there is a must have shoe (or a 100 must have shoes in my opinion) but this coming fall I am really looking forward to embracing the high heeled loafer.

If you don’t like the height, go for a flat loafer, but I think the heel is what is making this trend a must have this season, both covetable and really quite a strong statement.

Look for neutral colors but keep along the lines of color… think  fall leaves changing their colors. So go for muted greens, oranges, yellows and of course beige. Beige goes with everything. PLUS, remember the color of the season is red, red, red… a high heeled red loafer would cover multiple trends and let them see you coming! Plus red goes with everything and can spice up a basic black.

If you want to get crazy 😉 make sure your loafers include at least two- tones or a geometric heel. Also, keep it fun by incorporating some tassels and above all include a platform style in your purchase considerations.

This trend creates a business sexy that you can wear to work or to just loaf around 😉

JewelMint: Minty Fresh Baubles

15 Jun

I don’t know what it is about her. She’s not that good of an actress and doesn’t really do much of anything (except attend every music festival ever held) but I LOVE her and I especially LOVE her style.

Kate bosworth is so pretty (and so is her boyfriend) and I just love everything she wears. She has this jewelry line and site with stylist Cher Coulter called JewelMint… and honestly it’s one of the funnest sites I’ve been to in a while. It’s a quiz of sorts (who doesn’t love a fashion quiz?!?) that hones in on what jewelry they offer that you specifically would like.

After answering questions about which style you prefer, what bag you like best, which dress you would wear, what celebrity you want to be like, etc, etc,… up pops a personal shop tailored to your answers as well as an option for future emails that are geared towards your specific tastes.

Ummmm, yes please?

Oh, and did I mention that everything is under $29.99. One of my favorites is the Lunar Blue Necklace, but they have everything from hippie to polished that everyone is bound to find something that they can’t live without. Plus, there are additional videos showing their inspiration and what they are working on next, a blog, and even gift cards are available.

Check it out! JewelMint

Lunar Blue Necklace from

Slithering Style

14 Jun

Look alive peeps… or dead if you are a reptile… this spring has kicked off a continuing trend of snakeskin all over from the runways to driveways. Meaning you don’t have to be able to afford the real deal but as long as you have something scaling in your wardrobe you are set for the upcoming year.

Move over kitty cats of the jungle, leopard is still in, but there’s a new trend slithering up to be the leader of the pack. There is no discrimination on color, style or product that has you hissing for more. From bags, to watches, to shoes, to belts, pick a staple and get to wearing it in. I would stick to an accessory that can be worn over and over and can transition across seasons. The skinny on snakes is here to stay for a while.  And I’m not up on my PEETA rules and beliefs , however I feel (slightly) comfortable noone is going to throw a fit or throw paint over a dead snake. bleh. And thank goodness snakes just go ahead and shed their skin for us so not alot of blood has to be involved. Has anyone ever cried over a python? NOT me. I’ll lead the battle against anything in that category… in case you are a lover of them you can find a really polished and realistic print. Zara has a great option in a pant.  

It’s time to discover your second skin of style this season and next.


Of Course There Is An App For That.

13 Jun

Looking for fashion on the go? We are in the smart age and there are great smart ways to brush up on your trends this season and next while you avoid the crazy lady on the subway next to you, the schizophrenic homeless person at the bus stop, the chatty kathy conveniently seated next to you on an airplane, or the macho man whistling from two cars over at the stop light… or whatever awkward boring scenario you may find yourself in.

Some top apps that I have found are as follows.

For Shopping



Zara: Shop Online

Glamour: Personal Shopper


For Trends


Nylon Magazine

Vogue Stylist



For Men

Vogue Hommes

WWD Blast- this is the best site as well if you ever want/need to know what is happening in the fashion industry… from runways to retail to behind the scenes business to designers this is the go-to place for ANYTHING happinging in the industry Women’s Wear Daily

International (beware you may not be able to read what they say but you can see what’s happening)

Bazaar Thailand

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Elle Canada (look for Canada apps they are in English and are usually a little more “internationally fashion forward”)

I only deal in free apps so need to worry about your Itunes account charges racking up.

H&M + Online Shopping= YESSSSS

31 May

Look alive fashionistas and fashionistos (yes thats right I don’t think it should be a term meant strictly for fashion female experts, so I created the masculine version 😉 you’re welcome!).

The time has finally come… H & M is going to be available online here in the US for those of us desperate to get our hands on some sweet steals that are still fashion forward. Personally, my closest H & M is a 3 hour drive away and I know that others have to be just as desperate as I am for an online option!! So get ready to stock up in 2012.

The launch to online shopping in the US is expected to happen around the turn of the year. Europe has always had the best product availability and offerings (for example I got a discounted top in London in 2007 that I saw at the Seattle store for full price in 2009… gross) but hopefully this next step to the online level in the States will mean a step up with the merchandise as well. Cross your fingers 🙂

I suggest becoming a fan of their facebook page. It oftentimes has alot more information than their actual website.

Here is a sneek peek of their fall collection which you can find more expansive pictures here. And guys you should be EXTRA excited, there are some pieces I’m excited about FOR you!

Fall 2011: Pick Your Pin Heels

16 May
This fall get ready for a test in balance. The rise of the pin heel shoe is pricking the fashion scene with a surge in heights and a lesson in walking.
From boots to pumps, the higher the heel the better and the smaller the circumference the better. Spring saw more of a wider, shorter heel with flatforms and wedges, but when the weather turns cold the heels get hot, hot, hot.

You better get to practicing before your own fall runway is in session, ensuring your shoes are the statement rather than your walking style… or in my case falling style. 😉

You can even start early with many of the pin heel styles taking the stage for spring. However you look at it, good or bad, this style is not only for the high heel professionals anymore. So move over Kim Kardashian, and the rest of you get ready to get your heel on and start seeing life from a higher vantage point.



Christian Louboutin

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