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Holy Grail # 4: Magneto’s in da house

12 Dec

I must be feeling girly again… I hadn’t ever heard of this stuff, but I paint my nails more often than I sneeze and am always looking for new ways to change it. Nails are like a wardrobe update that doesn’t cost very much, is easy to coordinate, and is way less permanent than a same as everybody else tattoo.

Thanks to Pinterest and my free workdays evenings, I have discovered the BEST way to get creative and still have nice/unique looking nails.

It’s magnetic nail polish by Nails Inc. London and how it works is you paint your nails like normal and before it dries you run the magnet (included on the bottle) over your nails to create a design. Can you say genius?? And good for ALL ages?? Who WOULDN’T want this, honestly??


You can get it at Sephora for $16 or a pack of 3 for $30.


LFW: S/S 2012

30 Sep

I suck. I know. I’m so behind. London fashion week has come and gone and we are already in Milan and I have neglected to acknowledge it! But here is a recap from London for S/S 2012. Woop Woop.

1) Pastels

2) Maxi

3) Boyfriend Jacket

4) Floral

5) Graphic Nails

6) Yellow

Muppets: Fashion Week is Seeing Fur

12 Sep

So I thought SpongeBob with his square pants (someone should tell him he looks like swiss cheese) and Dora the Explorer (“me speaka no Spanish!”) and freaking Justin Bieber were going to be my demise, but it seems that there’s a new player that’s being thrown late into the game…the Muppets… and their big comeback is going to be bigger than I hoped for… and now it is  starting to take over my closet. I hate it when that happens.

I’m all for the Muppets and super excited about the movie (wait… it is in 3-D right?!), and love Jason Segal, and additionally would love Kermit’s autograph if the opportunity presents itself… but now these furry friends are taking over fashion week and even have a new line of nail color for OPI.

The world is definitely on its way out.

The Muppet line for OPI.

Plus, get ready for fur on your feet. The Muppet inspired look is no longer for the bedroom according to the ongoing Fashion Week runways. To see what I mean go here.

Silver Lining

16 Aug

I’m thinking that silver is going to make a crazy surge this fall. Like really mirrory, metallic silver. And I especially think this is what we are all going to be wearing on our nails in the upcoming months. Invest now. Either in nail polish, a bag, or shoes. Something that you can put with everything.

It’s THE neutral to get.

I may be wrong.

“Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair”

1 Aug

I have always had trouble getting my hair to grow past a certain length… I’m sure this is (shockingly) due to excessive coloring, multiple use of heat infused products, and just a general lack of care for it. I also incessantly bite my nails (if only I would have listened when I was 7 and my mother warned I wouldn’t be able to stop later…she was right… damn her wisdom).

However, many of my friends have similar problems and I have a solution that surprisingly many haven’t known about. It’s called Biotin and it is the active ingredient in pre-natal vitamins that helps nails and hair grow. I personally thank God everyday for not being pregnant, and don’t see any reason to include anything pre-natal into my very purposefully non- natal life, thus making Biotin the perfect solution.   

You can get Biotin anywhere. It’s cheapest at Wal-Mart… but death to Wal-Mart. Instead try your local drugstore or grocery… Biotin isn’t really expensive anywhere.

AND the best part is… you can’t over dose on it… trust me I have tried. Also, you can take as much as you want as many times of the day as you want, and the longer you take it, the more it builds up in your system, and the more results you will see. And the results are noticable.

Soon, a little dedication coupled with copious amounts of Biotin, you’ll be the next Rapunzel of the 21st century, finding yourself “Tangled” in the compliments. 😉 You’re welcome.

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