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Attention All Men

22 Jun

My mom says I get fixated on a topic. But I think if you are right, you are right and if there is a serious issue then I feel as if it is my job to make sure EVERYONE knows it. 😉 So not to beat a dead horse, but there really is nothing better than a good suit.

To all you males out there… if you don’t own one (or several) GOOD suits then there is something seriously missing in your wardrobe. And I’m not talking  “two for one get em while it’s hot!” suits. I mean a nice tailored suit. It’s a refreshing change to our ever increasing casual society. You want to stick out and look gooood. Put on a suit and have the confidence to rock it.

Adam Levine last night on The Voice was a PRIME example of what a good fitting suit can do to your image (AND he wasn’t even wearing a tie if that’s what you are concerned about).  I didn’t think the man could look any better, but I was proven wrong. That suit he wore during his performance of “Moves Like Jagger” with Christina Aguilera skyrocketed his stats. What once was a 12 on a scale of 1-10 was catapulted to at LEAST a 20 (and I’m stingy with my numbers). Just imagine what it could do for you fellas who aren’t as lucky as Adam in the natural beauty department? The possibilities are endless.

I totally think all men should take a clue from Barney Stinson and “suit up.” I’m sure all the ladies will agree with me.

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