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Netflix Schmetflix

12 Jul

Well it has happened…no not the end of the world, but similar… Netflix has created a genius and dominant force in the movie renting business and now prices are going up. Booooo (…unless you are Blockbuster).

You used to get all the instant streaming you could ever handle. But NOOOOWWWW “The Man” has decided to step in and weild his evil pricing sword.

Starting in September all the plans will change… change for the pricier version of course. Instead of getting unlimited DVD’s in addition to streaming movies from your favorite Xbox, TV, computer or smart phone, you will now get what you pay for.

What happened to being grandfathered in?? I’ve had Netflix for a few years now don’t I get any credit for being a loyal customer? (BTW thank you AT & T for allowing me to keep my unlimited media package.)

So for example now streaming will  cost $7.99 AND a one DVD at a time unlimited will cost $7.99 (it used to be $9.99 for both). Bringing the monthly total up $5. Bummer.

NOW we are gonna have to make the painful decision between the two… maybe some of us are that broke…

Why can’t a good thing ever last?

Next there will be a charge for their app. (I called it first!)

To see all the price changing details.

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