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Blue Steel Anyone?

30 Jun

Ever since I can remember I have been envious of anyone who has good bone structure. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a squishyish face. However it is in my genes somewhere! My mother is one of the prettiest women I have met and apparently (so I hear) I wasn’t even a twinkle in the universe’s eye  for her glory days pre-childbirth. Aren’t all days glorious pre-children??

Anyways, Ever since I was about 12 I felt like I had excess baby fat weighing down my life and I keep crossing my fingers I’ll pull a Drew Barrymore and lose it in my 30’s… I’ll keep you posted.

Additionally, for much of childhood I was obsessed with Little Women and specifically the character Amy. Which if you aren’t familiar with the movie, Amy was a genius and had the idea to wear clothes pins over her nose in order to shape it to the desirable form. So in my own genius form from about the age 13 to….present…. I decided to obtain my most wanted cheekbones through excess straw usage and fish face making whenever possible. (And trust me I make a mean fish face.)

I don’t know if my cheekbones will ever really make their debut and I’ve completeley given up on a jawbone somewhere in between Ben Stiller’s in Zoolander and Bethenny Frankel’s… but there’s still my 30’s. 😉  

However, if you feel my pain here is the best makeup tip for that chisled cheek look.

1) Use a bronzer that’s two shades darker than your natural skin color.

2) Use a shade of blush that’s flattering to your skin tone but isn’t too much of a contrast to the bronzer.

3) Apply the bronzer: Using an angled blush brush, apply a small amount of  bronzer to the surface of the brush. Starting close to your ear, lightly apply the bronzer to the area underneath your natural cheekbone extending it in the direction of your mouth. Continue to extend the color down until you reach the middle of your cheek, following the natural curve of your cheekbone.

4) Apply blush: Use a separate angled brush to lightly apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the blush well to avoid any lines.

5) Apply a light coat of loose powder.

*Be aware of day vs. night lighting and lines.

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