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Muppets: Fashion Week is Seeing Fur

12 Sep

So I thought SpongeBob with his square pants (someone should tell him he looks like swiss cheese) and Dora the Explorer (“me speaka no Spanish!”) and freaking Justin Bieber were going to be my demise, but it seems that there’s a new player that’s being thrown late into the game…the Muppets… and their big comeback is going to be bigger than I hoped for… and now it is  starting to take over my closet. I hate it when that happens.

I’m all for the Muppets and super excited about the movie (wait… it is in 3-D right?!), and love Jason Segal, and additionally would love Kermit’s autograph if the opportunity presents itself… but now these furry friends are taking over fashion week and even have a new line of nail color for OPI.

The world is definitely on its way out.

The Muppet line for OPI.

Plus, get ready for fur on your feet. The Muppet inspired look is no longer for the bedroom according to the ongoing Fashion Week runways. To see what I mean go here.

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