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I wish I may, I wish I might.

18 Oct


I broke down the other day and went against my hatred for Mandy Moore, singing in movies, and relating to little kids, and watched Tangled.

And the moral of the story is…


It was like a time machine that reverted me back to age of 5 where my biggest problem was how to break my addiction to eating insects (mmmm protein) and what color eyeshadow to put on my brother next. By the end of it I was sobbing. And found myself considering dropping everything in this so-called “reality” and start holding out for perfect long golden hair, a world without a need for shoes, a furry best friend who could talk back to me, and a prince charming that looks more like Ryan Gosling and less like Prince William. It worked for Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (I would pick her if I could be any… the girl looks REST-TED!), Jasmine, Pocahontas… the list goes on and on…so, why can’t it be me??

As young girls we SERIOUSLY believe these things can happen. Hello tragedy. It is taught at a young age… by a man no less (he goes by the name Disney. Walt Disney.)… that these things are not only possible, but can and should be expected. Ok, you hate your life, so you sit there and hope something awesome and magical will happen simultaneously with the birds chirping and the wind blowing through your dishwater blonde hair… or perhaps that dead opossum your mom just hit with her 1985 Lumina will magically spring back to life and join you in your favorite duet and dance off, taking your mind off the crap that has sent you to this hopeful/desperate place to begin with. This is not so. And at 26, reverting back to the desire of what once was real, sent me into an emotional tailspin.

And made me realize…

How can we be doing this to young girls?!? What an ultimate set-up.

One of my friends was discussing that she wants to write children’s books that go against these concepts that discuss the reality of relationships, hair… and forest creatures. And I am all for this concept. I’m not a feminist , but I believe in the conviction to be able to take care of yourself to an extent that dreams can come true and that those dreams are full of passion and compassion. 

There needs to be more reality in a world where most things are not perfect…EVER. Providing girls with the tools to support themselves, be independent, and think in a sincere and firm fashion is what I would want for my daughters. (As well as knowing two languages and have the skills to cook things that don’t come from a box.)

A man is not a necessity, a good head of hair is pure luck, and talking critters is… something the scientists had better be working on.


Cannes You Believe It’s That Time Again?

11 May

The world famous Cannes film festival is gearing up for fun in the theatres to keep out of the French heat. As we find ourselves on the first day of the ten day festival, the stars are arriving… and thus far the fashion is living up to the expectations. Oh, the excitement!!

Keep posted for updates of the ever evolving style scene!

I’m jealous.

The top ten predicted films for the festival are as follows (according to moi, of course):

1)The Tree of Life (HElllooo Brad Pitt… sans gross gotee)

2)Restless (Shuyler Fisk)

3)Melancholia (Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas…end of the world anyone?)

4)We Need to Talk About Kevin (about a school massacre, yikes)

5)This Must Be The Place (Sean Penn is gross but an awesome actor!and hopefully Scarlett wows us with her outfit)

6)Sleeping Beauty (Australia hasn’t made the festival in 10 years!)

7)The Beaver (Which BOMBED at the box office… I think it may have redefined bombed)

8)Midnight In Paris (Woody Allen never sleeps)

9)Conquest (the first film to attack a president… while he is still in office… and how ironic it’s the French Prez??)

10)And of course the highly anticipated prequel to Shrek and starring the cutest kitty around, Puss In Boots (even though it was only a 15-min taste, I’m going to count it)

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