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Pinkett-Smith’s: So close.

23 Aug

Cheese and Rice! You have no idea how excited I got when I thought that Will and Jada were splitting up. Jada is the most annoying person on the planet… except I do love when she rocks a healthy fro. But that family is taking over the world and I feel like a divorce would weaken their power on society, stifle their HUGE egos, as well as lessen the crappy karate movies in the market, all the while hopefully eliminating a small portion of  tween crap on the radio and Youtube. If I hear Whip My Hair  one more time I’m gonna throw up then track down Willow and show her a real whipping.

Thanks In Touch Weekly… Last time I checked it’s not April 1. Unfortunately, the rumors are false. But can I put this on my Christmas list?

Let’s start taking bets on how soon the lawsuit by the Pinkett-Smith’s against In Touch
Weekly happens… my money’s on sometime between when E! News airs tomorrow evening and before Oprah’s OWN network begins it’s fall season kickoff!


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