Jalapeno Jack Sunchips: One tasty invention.

17 Mar

I don’t like Sun Chips. I always thought they kinda tasted like grainy dirt and you had to eat a truckful to get any kind of flavor out of them but salty. And who would pick a Sun Chip over a kettle chip, a Cheeto, or even a Baked Lays!??! That’s right noone (with working tastebuds and opinion on what they put in their mouth).

However! In honor of St Patricks Day and my work’s daily (ok I might be exaggerating a bit…) potluck of junk (and people wonder why they are fat…). I picked up a bag of Jalapeno Jack Sun Chips (let the heavens open and shine a light on this concept). It was so good!!

AND apparently Sun Chips are supposed to be good (not as bad) for you. It’s a miracle! Additionally, they have the best jalapeno flavor of any kind of chip I have experienced. It has a fresh jalapeno flavor to it that is sharp and very unknown to the chip world thus far.

Kudos to Frito Lay (or whatever scientist brewed up this concoction)!

Just say 'yes' to deliciousness in your mouth.


One Response to “Jalapeno Jack Sunchips: One tasty invention.”

  1. Marcie March 21, 2011 at 10:31 AM #

    YUM! I just might have to try this flavor:)

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